How to utilize Social Media to increase traffic & support revenue for your company!

Social Media has helped revolutionize business in the electronic age.

Below are a few links that provide data to back up this claim such as:

72 percent of small businesses find that going social boosts website traffic & nets a positive ROI for up to 92 percent of businesses that use it.

An article still relevant today...

How to use social media to boost small business sales:

The Belmont District is sponsored by the Belmont Area Business Association. Members receive marketing support for their business. Here are four simple steps that help increase awareness & ultimately drive traffic to your business!

1. Connect with us on social media. Follow district pages & tag them when posting.

FACEBOOK PAGE (tailored to the public, in order to drive sales to the district):


FACEBOOK GROUP (directed toward business owners & staff within the district)

"Join" the group

TAG @BelmontDistrictPDX

HASHTAG #BelmontDistrictPdx in posts sharing sales, promotions, announcements, events and promotional pictures or videos! This way BABA is notified of your promotion or event. In turn we can increase visibility and awareness.

TWITTER PROFILE (designed to raise awareness of the district and drive traffic to the area)


TAG @BelmontDistrict

HASHTAG #BelmontDistrictPdx

Use this hashtag for other platforms such as Instagram, Snap Chat & Pinterest.

2. Send along an email with notification to:

3. Take it a step further and let local media know about your event by posting it on event calendars such as Travel Portland, Share Oregon, WW, Portland Mercury, The Oregonian & more. Want more guidance on how to prepare a press release for media submissions? Stay tuned for more information from us coming soon!

4. Additionally send us an email with your most current and preferred information as to who should be the point of contact for your company or freelance service, as well as the best method, days/times to reach you.

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