Membership Drive 2017 Has Begun!

Brick and mortar and home based businesses between 12th and 60th on or near Belmont, Morrison and Stark can support and be supported by the Belmont Area Business Association by renewing or becoming BABA members for 2017.

Everyone who sets up or renews a membership for 2017 by the end of 2016 gets a thank you pack of five sweet dots from Saint Cupcake

​Lots of drawings coming up for members through the new year . . .

Right at the turn of the new year, one lucky member business will win 90 minutes of Casey Hazlett's from her business Sustainably Organized.

Dr. Tinkle's generous grand prize of a full dental care visit from Belmont Family Dentistry will be drawn at the January BABA board meeting. Along with several other great prizes including a gift certificate for a soothing 60 minute craniosacral session ($65 value) at Kelly Nordahl's massage studio on 42nd and Belmont.

Denyce Weiler of Something Blue Photography is providing the final raffle item for our Annual dinner on Thursday, February 23rd giving one new business and one renewing business a $300 business photography package.

We have a great membership drive every year because we really do care about keeping in touch with everyone in the district and keeping our information about district businesses accurate and up to date.

Enter yourself for a drawing on Friday, December 1st for a $50 gift certificate to Zupans by doing one of the following things:

1 - Paying your 2017 dues by Pay Pal before noon on Friday, December 1st.

2 - Emailing our district marketing rep, Karen Hery, at about how and when your dues are coming in this year.

3 - Requesting an invoice by email for your dues.

Spend the next few minutes at the BABA website or with the attached form setting up your member dues, advertising sponsorships and participation in events like the 2017 Belmont Street Fair and next Halloween's Trinkets and Treats for the whole year - your budget for BABA set for all of 2017.

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